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Updated: 28 November 2020 17:08

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I write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories.

Stories I have written or am writing:

  Alien Welcome


  Bril - Human Pandemic

  Cats, Bats, and Frilligsnargers


  Cure for the Common Cold


  Dragons’ War — Gianna




  Eugenica (The Second Fifty Years)

  Fate’s Adjuster

  First Glance At Gerran


  Istvan and Meera

  Keep Your Children Safe

  The Last Androids






  Nightmare Star

  Objet d’Art

  Path of the Dragon

  Pointing Forward

  Pointing Forward  II

  The Realtors

  Roy the Mugician





  Suspension of Belief

  Sword of Despair



  Witch Trials


  Yetherel Chronicles - Ryal

  You Can't Have Our Magic

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